Larval Nematomorphs

Using our own body fluids, we believe the cocoon transforms itself into a hermaphroditic larva. Like all animals, the main goal in life is to reproduce. The lower slides seem to show a birthing. The juvenile (clear worm) sheds its collagenous external cuticle, changing into the black threadlike adult. Under strenuous conditions, nematomorphs can change their life cycle. We believe there to be at least three separate cycles. Nematomorphs are both oviparous and viviparous. Eggs are ejected through the gonophore. The average infected person has billions of eggs among his body tissues. The so-called "brain lesions" may just possibly be reams of eggs. The knot on the side of the neck, near one's spinal cord, so common to many sufferers, is a breeding chamber. This bump is no longer present after approximately one and a half years of treatment.