The Spore Stage: A Design for Self-Protection

Most doctors admit they cannot cure the disease; one reason is that they say it goes into a cyst stage. We believe this is one such example. The good news is that since we have captured its photo, we must be killing it. The combination of the salt (NaCl) tablets and Vitamin C has had amazing effects.

Nematomorphs persevere; they may be one of the oldest and most adaptive life forms. The larva stresses, and instead of producing live young, it buds casings called cercaria, which house future juvenile nematomorphs, totally eliminating a larval stage. Plus, while in this protective state, the cercaria lays millions of eggs in long gelatinous strings. The cysts will disintegrate and the juveniles will continue on with their previous life cycle. The stressed cercaria expel spores, pictured at the bottom of the page.